HOW CBD HELPS ME and my Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy… a excerpt.

I live with Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy – a condition that causes me to have a great amount of difficulty enjoying quality of life. Thankfully, I have found that I benefit from what CBD does for my body.

I’m Obsessed with Buying Stickers from Redbubble.

I am a big fan of stickers. My husband and I both are.

They’re fun to collect and we utilize them in multiple ways around the house. Currently, our old and weathered coffee table is getting a “refacing” using vinyl stickers. Nearly 70% covered now, the table is a collage of art from all over and in all manner of genre.

DIGIchats – Episode 4

Michael “Grubes” Gruber is known for a career in Dallas sports.
Having worked with everyone from Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket, to The Dallas Stars and Mavericks, he’s stayed busy keeping fans entertained in DFW. When all of the sports stopped due to COVID, he thought about all of the other sports folks (graphics, sound, lights, video… so much goes into our entertainment) who have found themselves without the rest of their season.


As COVID extends through communities, many are finding that there can be a severe shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where they are. Whether this be a person’s ability to simply order and receive the items (at a fair price) for themselves, or for the multitudes of health care workers finding ever-decreasing quantities in their workplaces, the idea of being without a small amount of extra protection can leave one feeling especially vulnerable.

Tips from a Home-Working GEN-X'r on Managing Sanity in Social Isolation.

In a recent Metro UK article titled “Who is Gen X and why does self-isolating come so easy to them?”, Faima Bakar writes that the precautionary measures of self-isolating are, for the most part, a seemingly effortless executable concept for the Gen X folks. The crowd born between 1965 and 1980 are reportedly navigating the waters of social isolation better than others.