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Tips from a Home-Working GEN-X'r on Managing Sanity in Social Isolation.

In a recent Metro UK article titled “Who is Gen X and why does self-isolating come so easy to them?”, Faima Bakar writes that the precautionary measures of self-isolating are, for the most part, a seemingly effortless executable concept for the Gen X folks. The crowd born between 1965 and 1980 are reportedly navigating the waters of social isolation better than others.

I tried Derma E CBD Skin Care Products

I had just begun my social distancing when my package had arrived. No bigger than a loaf of bread, the cardboard treasure chest was simple in its identifiable markings. One of my favorite names to see had come to call – ULTA.

A Roll Down I-35 & Back

My BFF Kelly is a great roadie partner for me. We both have a penchant for a quick trip. We both love hotel breakfast and leaving the do-not-disturb on the door.

Don't Waste Your Water.

When it comes to growing older, and seemingly (hopefully) wiser, I find that there are very few things worth really paying attention to. Looking back over life, I can see the evolutionary moments along the path, and I see a more deliberate present.

Blame it on the Rain…

The rain was steadily falling as I had brewed my first cup of coffee. I, like many, am working from the home office, which affords me a few more moments with my caffeinated ritual. I step out onto the patio and, under the wide protection of the soffit above – the result of a deep pitch – I review the scene around me.

Hempz Adds CBD Options

A Since Day 3 blog review about trying their new CBD lotion in their Fresh Fusion line. You can read it on my Cannabis-focused site:

I am a traveler of dreams, dotting the landscape by tiptoe.

I had grabbed the latest issue of Texas Monthly with my left hand, while balancing a freshly made cup of Donut Shop coffee in my right, when the postage paid cards began to fall to the floor. Much like the tree’s leaves in October quickly drifting to their end, below. While most of the falling collateral are the offer of subscription services, one is a personally beloved classic.

I tried CBD Cream for My Pain

I recently had the opportunity to speak with writer Anne Harding at The Healthy about my own experiences in using CBD topical creams for pain.


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