I’m Obsessed with Buying Stickers from Redbubble.

I am a big fan of stickers. My husband and I both are.

They’re fun to collect and we utilize them in multiple ways around the house. Currently, our old and weathered coffee table is getting a “refacing” using vinyl stickers. Nearly 70% covered now, the table is a collage of art from all over and in all manner of genre.

DIGIchats Ep 5: Kaime Stroot

For those who have been around Dallas Sports, and have watched something on Fox Sports Southwest, the name Kaime Stroot is a familiar one. From Dallas Stars Ice Girl, to a recognized producer who has been active in conceptualizing and creating a whole show of her own, Kaime Stroot has accomplished a lot. Most recently,Continue reading “DIGIchats Ep 5: Kaime Stroot”

DIGIchats – Episode 4

Michael “Grubes” Gruber is known for a career in Dallas sports.
Having worked with everyone from Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket, to The Dallas Stars and Mavericks, he’s stayed busy keeping fans entertained in DFW. When all of the sports stopped due to COVID, he thought about all of the other sports folks (graphics, sound, lights, video… so much goes into our entertainment) who have found themselves without the rest of their season.