A Bee Hive Trumpet Vine

Every time the weather gets warm, the trumpet vine that grows nearby begins to swell with leaves and pods. Once the heat of summer is in full swing, her overgrowth of hanging, orange vats of nectar is also a home to a hive of various bees.

The plant, itself, is intrusive as it seems the business she belongs to would rather let nature take its course. She bends and contorts and has laid a pronounced claim to the better part of a corner of a six-foot fence. Her tendrils of bright flower-laden vines reach into anyone’s space who may be walking by and season-by-season, the bees take hold and enjoy the ease of commute to their harvesting.

Interestingly enough, the plant has a sense of transient air to her. As though she’s a convenient stop for a multitude of searchers along their route.

While this day’s bevy of buzzers were all seemingly of the worker nature, I’ve seen some beauty carpenter bees also finding their way into the plant buffet line over the months, as well.

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

― Maurice Maeterlinck, The Life of the Bee

I’ve recently updated my site at SinceDay3.com to include links to here as well as to my new Newsstand (Check It Out) which has my new little self-publishings.

One is a collection of essays from my breast cancer journey as well as how it led me into Cannabis. I’m also starting to put some favorite photo collections and art collections together into mags, as well. Right now I have my first set: one color photography and one is monochrome.

Of course, there’s also a link to my Redbubble shop of arts and crafts on merch goods. Some weird. Some descent. Some will probably make someone question your judgement.

Who cares? The world’s bananas. Do you, is how I see it.

You can see me be weirder on Tik Tok. All social media my tag is: SinceDayThree

Who knows what else I’ll put together? Everyone be your best you. Create. Sing. Do good things. Eat cottage cheese in the rain. Use your powers for good, my friends.

Love y’all.

Published by SJohnsonArtist

Dallas-based writer, photographer & visual artist. Breast Cancer Survivor. Cannabis advocate. Middle-aged and riding it out...

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