I’m Obsessed with Buying Stickers from Redbubble.

I am a big fan of stickers. My husband and I both are.

They’re fun to collect and we utilize them in multiple ways around the house. Currently, our old and weathered coffee table is getting a “refacing” using vinyl stickers. Nearly 70% covered now, the table is a collage of art from all over and in all manner of genre.

Independent art as well as fun logos and labels, we’re big fans of stickers.

We get them from all kinds of places. Musicians we’ve seen will often have them at the merchandise table. When I attend hemp conventions for SinceDay3, I love to load up.

My other favorite place to get stickers from is Redbubble.

Not just because I have a shop on Redbubble, but because thousands of artists have shops on Redbubble. On the quick, I can go easily through some favorites and load up on all different kinds of possible results.

I also like Redbubble stickers because they’re vinyl stickers and they can withstand a beating – like: as a new surface of a piece of furniture. Also, they often have them on sale and I love stickers even more when they’re on sale.

Today I had gone to check out the growing selection from my BFF Kelly in her shop. She’s scanning some of her awesome illustrative work and making it available. I had to get the Lights ones – naturally…

But then I realized they were having a sale that increased the deal with every successive one I added to the cart… So then I had to also add…

(L to R)

Trippy Crying Girl by Drew Smith

Boys Tears by Royal Sass

Flowers Growing from a Book by Andilynnf

Then – I heard about the voucher sale ($15 towards stickers with $60 purchase) and proceeded to also add:

(L to R)

Don’t Talk to Strangers by Steven Rhodes, and,

Cosmic Sound by Buko

as well as a few others…

Redbubble also offers artists a chance to have their art on all kinds of goods beyond stickers. One of the many options they have is acrylic blocks and – truthfully – I’ve been thinking of a way that I’m going to start collecting and displaying acrylic block art. I think that will be fun, too.

For now though – happy stickering!

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Dallas-based writer, photographer & visual artist. Breast Cancer Survivor. Cannabis advocate. Middle-aged and riding it out...

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