My love of hemp CBD isn’t based on popularity. It’s science!

I came to know cannabis-based products later in life. 

Compared to those other folks that I’ve had the chance to meet in these last few years, I don’t have the same level of personal experience that many of my counterparts often do. For me, it would be thanks to a gnarly bout of breast cancer at 38 years old that I began to even consider the concept of cannabis. Out of necessity, I was able to get over my repeated GEN X childhood stigmas, and prohibition-era rhetoric, and get over them quickly.

In the 8 years that have passed since that introduction, I have been evolving in my own research and experience and, it is with that appreciation, that I feel encouraged to be the publicly hemp-loving person you read from today. 

When it comes to talking hemp… 

Since the update to the farm bill in 2018, which allowed for hemp to be an agricultural commodity, the uptick in product options that are based in CBD has exploded. 

While hemp and marijuana are in the same family, their genetics make them different. 

High THC cannabis (“MJ”) is found only in select states and can average 10 – 25% (or more) in THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol – the compound that has been found to be the facilitator of “the high”. Conversely, hemp often averages 10 – 20% CBD with a “scant” amount of the natural THC cannabinoid. 

Industrial, federally legal hemp must be able to pass third party testing that showcases a concentration of .3% or less THC to be called “hemp”. The plant must be proven to be compliant to those regulations to be legally “non-psychoactive”, or the farmer will have his crop destroyed. Independent, state-licensed hemp testers are employed to do this throughout the growing season, as well as right before harvest, to ensure compliance. 

When it comes to hemp and CBD products that are available for purchase federally in the United States, and the ones I talk about on my blog, they’re all based in American farmed and federally legal hemp. 

Published by SJohnsonArtist

Dallas-based writer, photographer & visual artist. Breast Cancer Survivor. Cannabis advocate. Middle-aged and riding it out...

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