A Bounce Around the Bubble

Like a lot of people who tinker in the world of arts and crafts, I have areas dotted throughout the web that I contribute things to. I submit stock to Getty and Adobe. I write for blogs and conduct reviews.

I also have a little hub on art merch website Redbubble. There are many places like this throughout the internet that allow artists to upload designs to be sold and printed. It’s not a big money maker for me, really. A sticker here. Shirts there. But that’s not why I do it.

My Redbubble shop – for me – is a place that I can land a sea of items, no matter the genre. Maybe it’s digital art. Maybe it’s my photography. Other times there are pieces that I started by hand and then brought up as a convenient spot to get the same thing in multiple forms.

It’s fun for me. I like to create for the sake of creating. My insatiable curiosity into the world around me – and the how and why of things – is never-ending. And I love arts and crafts.

I think that Art is a great thing in that it can be both collective and individual. Art is a place of possibilities and what if’s. It’s the scientific process for beauty… the “why not?”

A lot of my “why not” endeavors end up on my Redbubble.

Who am I to judge what someone else may enjoy?
For me – the enjoyment is in the creation process, itself.

I know there are countless artists with extreme talent out there, so I’m under no illusion that my little shop is a curated, well-thought-out (or even well-executed) endeavor, here. It’s fun… so have a laugh along with me…


I started my latest trio of items with a bit of some pen illustration that i began coloring with marker.

I love markers like Prismacolor. I have this marker paper that I had found on discount at Tuesday Morning and had yet to really play with it.

This turned out to be a fun experiment on a much-needed day of respite.

Once I worked the doodle outlines with my chosen method (the heart was a single line start), then I would color them in.

Once colored, I scanned them. I’m a big fan of using my scanner.

The paper I doodled on was larger than my scanner surface so I had to scan in pieces and then open in Photoshop to merge. Photoshop was going to be a part of the equation anyway to be able to make it work for Redbubble and to make it a transparent PNG file.

The half (left) as it looked immediately scanned and then after I run it through my photoshop process (right) to make it more digital and ready for printing.

I did three pieces this way – This flower one, A heart one and one I called Nature Drip.

This newest grouping is just the latest in a section in my merch-shop-for-the-odd home that I call the “hand started” section. this section is comprised of things that began as a doodle or a painting and now it’s here and available on leggings for whenever we can get back to being only concerned about the line at Starbucks. Remember those days?

In my Hand Started area, I also have some pieces that began as paintings. An example of that would be the hawk and lion pieces. I had originally painted these on canvas and then brought the image in to be able to be on goodies – because, everyone needs a lion pillow. I mean – really. Big cats. Hellooooo!

The lion can be on a shirt, dress or – one of my favorite – awesome stickers.

Look at that bad boy in real life!

Yes. that’s my coffee table.

Stickers are an essential life element for many of us. Don’t judge…

They’re little art. Easily collectable!

How the Lion came to be

I do also create a lot of digital pieces and have various themes on there. For me, it’s a great little repository of what-not.

As I keep making things and sending them to the Redbubble universe, I’m also getting introduced to so many other great artists on there. I have a desire to collect stickers, or art blocks, from other artists on the site and bring them all together in a nice collection of my own.

Hoarding art is good for you.

Creativity creates more creativity.

Check out what some of the shenanigans in my own RB:

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