A Roll Down I-35 & Back

A little Throwback Thursday action…

My BFF Kelly is a great roadie partner for me. We both have a penchant for a quick trip. We both love hotel breakfast and leaving the do-not-disturb on the door.
Fans of the quick escape, we both love to hop in a car and buzz off to something quick but memorable. Usually we do these zippy jaunts when there is something to see.

Long ago – when our roadies first began – we went to a lot more sporting events. My writing was of that genre of topic, mostly, so games required attendance. Places like San Antonio were one thing, but covering hockey in an actual barn in Texarkana is another.

Like a vehicular whirl wind, we would make our way to towns riding together in my Pontiac Grand Prix.

Oh yeah – styling and profiling – that Grand Prix was a deep shade of green and it was a hand-off to me by one of my in-laws at the time. I should have known, then, that they didn’t like me. It had its moments. It did get me around – but there was a cost.
One time with it, I was walking out of a Starbucks after spending a weekend with a traveling Jim Rome show in Austin to find the ‘Ponticrap‘ (as we called it) had expelled all of its green fluids. Rolling down the parking drive like a stream of lemon-lime Gatorade, I had been left stranded in Belton, Texas for the night.
The Ponticrap would come to an end just a couple of blocks away from Kelly’s. We had just returned from one more roadie and I was on my way to my own home after dropping her off. Valiant in its attempts, the Ponticrap’s time was done.

Our road trip traditions, however, weren’t.

While the coverage for sport isn’t the end game anymore, I’m always happy to hit the option to ‘go’. If I’m passenger, I’ll take the opportunity to capture the world from my window. If I’m not driving, this is how I’m riding…

We had driven down I-35 to go to Austin to check out a show. The musician, Elohim, was playing at a place off 4th street on the East side of the highway. Surrounded by shops, bars, rainbow-pastel coffee houses and a CBD boutique, the area was a blend of the hip and the holding on.

Austin at night – from the hotel room

Austin in the evening has a magical air to it. It’s almost as if the city – alive with activity – has a sense of slowing down mixed in. A hustle and hold.

But the side of the road held barely reachable stories. Only to be filled with inference, the dotting of the roadside acts as more like a Viewmaster rotating through the screens.

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Dallas-based writer, photographer & visual artist. Breast Cancer Survivor. Cannabis advocate. Middle-aged and riding it out...

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