S. Johnson – Artist

“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes…”

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A Bee Hive Trumpet Vine

Every time the weather gets warm, the trumpet vine that grows nearby begins to swell with leaves and pods. Once the heat of summer is in full swing, her overgrowth of hanging, orange vats of nectar is also a home to a hive of various bees. The plant, itself, is intrusive as it seems theContinue reading “A Bee Hive Trumpet Vine”

Welp – here we go

I’m now going to be putting out some mags I’ve been working on. The first being photography related but I’m also working on one that is CBD & Cancer journey related, too. I like the magazine format because it’s cheaper than a book. I’m also hoping to have some digital options available too. Click toContinue reading “Welp – here we go”

Some More Product Photo Work

I do some little product photo work here and there. I like to do a still life scene. These are for KurativCBD.com

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